Poem 20150803

impressions of my headache
while lying on my bed with
my eyes closed and my hands
pressing into the sockets

luminous purples and greens
shaped like eggs
floating in a red-brown soup
but not a true black

the lie of blue shapes
and blood colored stripes
and finally a vertical slash
of white that fades as it slices
from top to bottom

cutting is the only truth
in the darkness
until you open your eyes

Poem 20150802

the heat of the sun
lingers long after
i have escaped
to air-conditioned indoors

in spite of a thick
layer of sunscreen
and the hat with that flap
that covers the neck
like i’ve been on safari

it tingles like a memory
that won’t form–
a vague image in the foggy
edges of a dreaming mirror

or a desire that won’t
expose itself to the light
hiding under the skin
to preserve itself
and the skin

Poem 20150801

the sign says to beware
of poison oak
mountain lions

but we only saw some poison oak
a few birds
a rabbit
and some annoying chihuahuas
off leash

no warning about them


a gentle breeze
kicks up the smell
of licorice
through the canyon

and bees swarm
the cluster of small
yellow flowers

last night–
the last blue moon
for years to come
wasn’t blue or amber
but its usual
ghostly white
a rotund specter in the sky

Post 20150731

So today is the big day. I have three poems appearing in Pomona Valley Review, PVR 9. You can find the FREE pdf at this link: http://pomonavalleyreview.com/currentissue.php Yes, that’s right, you can enjoy lots of great poetry (not just mine), artwork and fiction at NOT COST TO YOU.

Make sure you tell your friends, or at least pass it along to them. Even if they don’t like poetry. That’ll teach ’em.

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Poem 20150730

he watches her go
and starts to follow
but stops himself

sure that whatever he has to say
has already been said
whatever steps he’s going to take
have already been taken

he thinks about the sound
his footfalls would make
a slapping on the pavement
hurrying to overtake her own
shorter, insistent steps

thinks about how everyone
will stare
and wonder what it is
that he did
because she is the one
storming away

and before she can get any smaller
diminish any more
as she attempts
to merge with the horizon

he runs