Poem 20160205

these steps between us
might as well be nautical miles

too many to measure

if we were to each hold an end
of a measuring tape
every wave would stretch the
tape between us to breaking

the distance explodes

they say that every piece
of the universe races away
at an increasing rate
from every other piece

just so

This post is inspired by a writing prompt challenge from amandatorroni and tylerkentwhite on Instagram, in particular, this post.

Happy Leap Year!

Poem 20160201

the ringing in my ears
isn’t like any bell
i’ve ever heard

more a constant electrical hum
like when you sit next
to a breaker box all day

because that’s where they put you

the pressure in the air
crushes my chest
and the humidity
is fucking with my vision

Poem 20160130

short summer night
a poetry contest
the skylark soars
cooling by the gate

polishing mirrors
he straightens in his seat
does not feel like groaning
fleas and flies

though she can watch
horses in the field
nothing is worse than
early summer rain

This is a cento poem, lines taken at random from a number of anthologies of haiku edited by Stephen Addiss, including Haiku People (first lines), Haiku Humor (second lines), and A Haiku Menagerie (third lines). What’s composed here is not a haiku in any way, but it still feels–haikuish.

Picture 20160130

Hey–Pictures is a new thing here.

This is a picture–of a poem! It’s on Instagram, where I sometimes post pictures. Most of those are of hikes, or birds or flowers. But today…

I bought myself a haiku magnetic poetry kit last month and finally put up a board at my desk. First MPK haiku.