The stuff that comes out a bird's mouth.

Poem 20150225

in fall
the leaves explode with color
and then fade
and fade
becoming dry
becoming dryness
cracking underfoot

and in fall
the sky changes from the summer blue
to wisps of cloud
and then gray
and gray
until the blue sky
is a memory

Poem 20150224

it was easy being twenty-five
when twenty-five was the age to be
and everything could be met
with vigor and interest
and a girl turning with
her hair floating as she spun around
was as much a cause for celebration
as a birthday
or a new car
or a job offer
or the changing of the season

Poem 20150223

shaken and chosen at random
a box of leftover hearts
chalky fake fruit flavors
and their messages

te amo
sweet pea
let’s kiss
first kiss
true love

each one threatens to break a tooth
each one doesn’t taste like it should
and you eat every one

Poem 20150222

everything is made of glass
words fall out of my mouth
and break
and shatter
musically against the floor

Song 20150221

Durarara!!x2 Shou is well underway, and I have to say, I really like the opening song. It’s hard to compare this to the first opening from the first series by Theatre Brook. But this is pretty damn good.

Headhunt, Okomoto’s

Poem 20150221

with the song stuck in his head
and rain pouring from the sky
he drives his car
he turns on the radio to unstick
the song on endless loop in his head
but the radio is playing the song as well
the air in the car is like ice
to defog the window
the food in his stomach sits like ice
and he’s not sure what he ate
he drives past her house
song in his head
song on the radio
ice in his face
ice in his stomach
and wishes just this once
that she would be coming out
or just getting home
and she would see his car
and wave

Poem 20150220b

Friday Haiku!

lunch on the table
games taken out and passed around
only the laughter is left


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