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Song 20150329

SMELL, Atsushi Sakurai/Yasuyuki Okamura

Okay, so this song. Space Dandy was playing on Funimation, and it had a pretty interesting OP song, Viva Namida, by Yasuyuki Okamura. But on the album, this was one of the included songs. I heard it pop up during a drive to work and I thought, man, that song sounds kinda dirty. Not the version I linked to is by Atsushi Sakurai, who apparently wrote the lyrics and Yasuyuki Okamura did the music. Which means he did a cover on his later album. Sadly, I cannot find the version from the Space Dandy album on YouTube or Soundcloud, but here’s a link on Spotify: SMELL.

I looked at the lyrics.

Yeah. It’s kind of dirty, but good-naturedly so, and the music will just get in your head and live there. Like, forever. You’ve been warned.

And Space Dandy? I only watched a few episodes. Not because it wasn’t funny or or anything. I just really don’t like Funimation’s iPad app. If you want to watch anime on your iPad, get a subscription to Crunchyroll. Their app is top-tier as far as UI and user experience and they have a decent selection of new and old anime.

Poem 20150329

so impatient and greedy
for words
the reader clicks
and clicks and

and here they are
a few lines
meant for the hungry reader
lines etched in photons
that disappear
when the window closes
but leave their ghosts
trails on the backs of your eyelids
like fireflies
the night cannot hide

you could feel them
with your fingertips
if you could just

Poem 20150328

the rooster said
that’s a joke son
a joke
i made a funny
but it went right over your head
too fast for you
you gotta keep your ears open
ears i say

and i laughed
and my dad who was sitting in
a recliner, almost sixty to my
ten years
laughed so hard that tears
ran down his face
laughed so hard he couldn’t breathe
and that to me was funnier than
anything the rooster said

Poem 20150327

Fantastic Friday Haiku

heat-withered blossoms
sag on the peach tree branches
small green peaches erupt


Poem 20150326

there’s something wrong
with a road made of concrete
that forces you to drive
in a single
straight direction
as fast as you dare

–faster than the driver in
the lane next to you because
by god, he’s not going to beat you

in spite of the fact
that you don’t know him
and you have no idea
or interest in where he’s driving
or when he has to be there

there’s a lack of freedom
on a freeway
with its straining arteries clogged
by lipid, adiposian cars
all racing toward
one giant cardiac event

Poem 20150325

i whisper a secret in your ear

you smile, rise up
from where we sit
and walk barefoot
across the grass
to lean against an old fence
you try not to look at me
but i catch you anyway

a stream sings about rocks
and fish and water splashing
and in the distance
a handful of trees
whisper their own secrets
to each other
leaf to leaf
and branch to branch

your skin shines
like moonlight
and you move
like moonlight
illuminating everything
with each footstep
and beneath your toes
the grass
whispers a secret

Poem 20150324

the redhead and the brunette
arrived at the buffet
at the same time
they circled each other warily
though there was plenty of food
the redhead lunged at the brunette
forcing her away from
the table
then chased her
from the dining hall
and returned to
eat alone


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